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2023-2024 Prospects Registration


How to Register?

1. One Stop Registration: Stop by the facility to pay your deposit and get registered in the system!  You will be set up for recurring payments through your debit or credit card to be charged on the same day every month. Bubbas cage with Hit Trax as well as the Pitching Cage will be available for demo as well.  


 Dates for 2023-2024: To Be  Determined 

2. Online Registration: Click HERE to fill out the online registration form AND then click HERE or on the button below to complete your deposit payment..  We will then reach out to you via phone to complete your payment set up for the monthly fee.








Registration Fees and Information:

All Deposits and 2023-2024 Registration Forms must be submitted by Sunday, July 31st.  The Non-refundable deposit is $200.00 and can be paid by cash, check made payable to Prospects Training Academy, or by credit card payment . Credit Card payments can be made in person or online at

Customer Pricing Notice:

All prices listed, advertised, and quoted have a 3.5% Discount Incentive built into the pricing for cash purchases. 

Any purchase made with credit or debit card will not receive the Cash Discount and a non-cash adjustment will be displayed on your receipt.  If not received , we reserve the right to give that spot to another player.  If you have children on multiple Prospect teams, deposit amounts and due dates remain the same for each player. If paying monthly and 1 or more payments are missed your child can be restricted from play. Prospect Training Academy fee allows for team indoor practice & use of our outdoors fields & maintenance. 

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